1. Known Issues

  • Wrong stiffness after restart in Polarisation and AL spectral solver
  • "materialpoint_F" is not correctly wound forward in basic spectral solver and slowly diverges from "crystallite_F". "crystallite_F" is internally wound forward in "crystallite" module, while "materialpoint_F" is set via "CPFEM_general" and does not propagate its values to "crystallite_F" (why?))
  • Nonlocal constitutive model can produce spurious plasticity when used in conjunction with explicit Euler integration. Caused by missing CFL check after stress integration, which might allow extremely high velocities (the CFL check inside the state integrator does not complain in case there is no significant density at the BEGINNING of the increment)
  • Using /nonlocal/ flag with any other constitutive model than nonlocal causes a segmentation fault, since the calculation of the disorientation in "crystallite_orientations" that is triggered by the /nonlocal/ flag uses variables from the "constitutive_nonlocal" module
  • check cutbacking going back to normal inc size; might not be correct, at least when F is prescribed
  • geom_fromVoronoiTessellation fails for 1024x1024x1024 with segmentation fault. Maximum tested is 800x800x800

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