2.2.38. addEuclideanDistance


Add column(s) containing Euclidean distance to grain structural features: boundaries, triple lines, and quadruple points.



> addEuclideanDistance options ASCII table(s) 



-p / --position [ pos ]
label of coordinates
-i / --identifier [ texture ]
label of grain identifier
-t / --type ( boundary/biplane, tripleline, quadruplepoint )
feature type
-n / --neighborhood [ neumann ] ( neumann, moore )
neighborhood type
-s / --scale [ 1.0 ]
voxel size



Based on the example file at $DAMASK_ROOT/examples/SpectralMethod/Polycrystal/20grains64x64x64.geom the following command creates all three features using a Neumann neighborhood. Note that not all quadruple points are necessarily identified when using this limited neighborhood!

> addEuclideanDistance -t boundary,tripleline,quadruplepoint 20grains64x64x64.geom

Figure 1 presents the resulting geometries.

(a) Microstructure, color indicates grain number

(b) Grain boundaries, color indicates distance

(c) Triple lines, color indicates distance

(d) Quadruple points, color indicates distance
Figure 1: Volume element of 20 grains and the resulting features

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