2.2.25. binXY


Produces a binned grid of two columns from an ASCIItable, i.e. a two-dimensional probability density map.



> binXY options ASCII table(s) 



-d / --data
column labels containing x and y
-w / --weight
column label containing weight of (x,y) point
-b / =--bins=[ 10 10 ]
number of bins in x and y direction
-t / =--type=[ 'linear' 'linear' 'linear' ]
type (linear/log) of x, y, and z axis
-x / --xrange
min max limits in x direction (optional)
-y / --yrange
min max limits in y direction (optional)
-z / --zrange
min max limits in z direction (optional)
-i / --invert
invert probability density
-r / --rownormalize
normalize probability density in each row
-c / --colnormalize
normalize probability density in each column

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