3.1.3. Debugging configuration file


Control the additional debugging output of all parts of DAMASK, including the spectral solver. It is optional and must be placed as debug.config in the working directory. An example file is provided under DAMASK/config/debug.config.



The debug.config file is
  • plain text
  • interpreted line by line
  • case-insensitive
  • ignoring blank lines
  • indicating a comment by a leading hash (» # «)
  • including files linked by » {path/to/include/here} «

For each part of DAMASK a— hopefully self-explanatory —keyword exists. Place this keyword followed by a string specifying the type of debug output needed to switch it on. For most parts of DAMASK, the options are basic and extensive, for the spectral solver a more fine-grained debug system exists.

To switch on basic debugging for math related functions and basic plus extensive debugging for the material-point manager, set the following in numerics.config:

math basic
material basic extensive

keyword source files affected possible values
debug debug.f90 basic, extensive
math math.f90 basic
FEsolving FEsolving.f90 basic
mesh mesh.f90 basic, extensive
material material.f90 basic, extensive
lattice lattice.f90 basic
constitutive constitutive*.f90 basic, extensive, selective
crystallite crystallite.f90 basic, extensive, selective
homogenization homogenization*.f90 basic, extensive, selective
CPFEM CPFEM.f90 basic, extensive, selective
spectral DAMASK_spectral*.f90 basic, FFT, restart, divergence, rotation, PETSc
abaqus DAMASK_abaqus*.f basic

Selective debugging allows to restrict the debug output to a certain element, integration point, and grain only

element, el, e selected element for debugging
ip, integrationpoint, i selected integration point for debugging
grain, gr, g selected grain at ip for debugging
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