2.2.11. filterTable


Filter rows according to condition and columns by either white or black listing. Examples: Every odd row if x coordinate is positive -- " #ip.x# >= 0.0 and #_row_#%2 = 1 ). All rows where label 'foo' equals 'bar' -- " #s#foo# = 'bar' "



> filterTable options ASCII table(s) 



-w / --white
whitelist of column labels (a,b,c,...)
-b / --black
blacklist of column labels (a,b,c,...)
-c / --condition
condition to filter rows



  • get every second row of the ASCII table listing only $F_{11}$, $F_{12}$, and $F_{13}$ components of deformation gradient and all (nine) $P_{ij}$ components of first Piola–Kirchhoff stress
    --condition '#_row_# % 2 == 0' --white '[123]_f',p
  • all data except for increment and grain number that is located in the tube along z bounded by R1 and R2
    --condition 'R1**2 < #ip.x#**2 + #ip.y#**2 < R2**2' --black inc,grain

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