2.1.11. geom_canvas


Changes the (three-dimensional) canvas of a spectral geometry description. Grid can be given as absolute or relative values, e.g. 16 16 16 or 2x 0.5x 32.



> geom_canvas options Geom file(s) 



-g / --grid [ auto ]
a,b,c grid of hexahedral box.
-o / =--offset=[ 0 0 0 ]
a,b,c offset from old to new origin of grid
-f / --fill [ 0 ]
(background) canvas grain index. "0" selects maximum microstructure index + 1
use float input
blank out (optional) input canvas content



> geom_canvas --grid 16 12 16 --offset 0 -4 0 --fill 0 < micro.geom > micro_supported.geom

This example demonstrates the combination of cropping and the addition of a supporting layer to an existing geometry of eight (periodic) grains discretized by 16 x 16 x 8 voxels.

The original geometry (Figure 1 (a)) is taken from micro.geom. Resulting geometry (Figure 1 (b)) is output to micro_supported.geom.

Option --fill 0 assigns to the new volume an index one larger than the maximum index found in the original geom file. Here, the maximum grain count was 8, hence the new (red) volume is filled with index 9 = 8+1.

(a) Eight (periodic) grains discretized with 16 by 16 by 8 voxels

(b) Grain patch after cropping, offsetting, and addition of supporting layer (all in one step) now discretized with 16 by 12 by 16 voxels
Figure 1: Original grain patch and resulting patch changed in one step

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