2.1.19. geom_vicinityOffset


Offset microstructure index for points which see a microstructure different from themselves (or listed as triggers) within a given (cubic) vicinity, i.e. within the region close to a grain/phase boundary.



> geom_vicinityOffset options file[s] 



-v / --vicinity [ 1 ]
voxel distance checked for presence of other microstructure
-m / --microstructureoffset [ 0 ]
offset (positive or negative) for tagged microstructure indices. "0" selects maximum microstructure index
-t / --trigger
list of microstructure indices triggering a change
-n / --nonperiodic
assume geometry to be non-periodic



> geom_vicinityOffset --vicinity 1 < plainGrains.geom > withSkin.geom

All voxels within a vicinity of one grid spacing get their microstructure index shifted by the maximum index present in the dataset (here 10).

initial geometry
(a) Initial geometry with 10 grains discretized by 48 x 48 x 48 voxels.
geometry after offsetting
(b) Geometry after offsetting all microstructure indices in a vicinity of 1 grid spacing next to the grain boundaries by a value of 10.
Figure 1: Original grain patch and resulting patch with marked voxels

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