2.2.8. imageDataDeformed


Generate PNG image from scalar data on grid deformed by (periodic) deformation gradient.



> imageDataDeformed options file[s] 



-l / --label [ all ]
column containing data
-r / --range [ auto ]
data range (min max)
--gap=float / --transparent [ none ]
value to treat as transparent
-d / --dimension
data dimension (x/y/z)
-s / --size
box size (x/y/z)
-f / --defgrad [ f ]
column label of deformation gradient
--scaling [ [1.0, 1.0, 1.0] ]
x/y/z scaling of displacement fluctuation
-z / --layer [ 1 ]
index of z plane to plot
color scheme
invert color scheme
magnitude of values
log10 of values
-N / --pixelsize
pixels per cell edge
show resulting image

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