3.1.2. Numerics configuration file


Control the numerical parameters of all parts of DAMASK, including the spectral solver. It is optional and must be placed as numerics.config in the working directory. An example file is provided under DAMASK/examples/ConfigFiles/numerics.config.



The numerics.config file is
  • plain text
  • interpreted line by line
  • case-insensitive
  • ignoring blank lines
  • indicating a comment by a leading hash (» # «)
  • including files linked by » {path/to/include/here} «
  • equal signs » = « will be ignored

Each valid keyword is followed by a value, depending on the keyword the value might be an integer, a real number or a string. The meaning of the keywords and the default options are explained in the corresponding section of the documentation. An overview is available in the doxygen documentation of DAMASK.

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