Monte Carlo simulation to produce seed file that gives same size distribution like given geometry file.



> seeds_fromDistribution options file[s] 



-s / --seeds [ seeds ]
name of the intial seed file. If not found, a new one is created
-g / =--grid=[ 64 64 64 ]
a,b,c grid of hexahedral box
-t / --threads [ 2 ]
number of parallel executions
-r / --rnd [ none ]
seed of random number generator
--target [ geom ]
name of the geom file with target distribution
--tolerance [ 20 ]
stopping criterion (bin number)
--scale [ 1.0 ]
maximum moving distance of perturbed seed in pixel
--bins [ 15 ]
bins to sort beyond current best fit
--maxseeds [ number of seeds ]
maximum number of seeds to move simulateneously

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