4.2. Abaqus (deprecated - do not use)


Theses installation instructions apply to the Linux64 version of Abaqus. For running a simulation after the installation, please refer to the Abaqus usage page



  • operational Abaqus
  • Intel Fortran compiler compatible with your Abaqus version.
  • DAMASK/CONFIG reflecting your system settings (i.e. your Abaqus version)
  • system variables set (done by calling >source DAMASK/DAMASK_env.(sh/csh))



Copy Abaqus environment file

  • Linux: Copy DAMASK/installation/mods_Abaqus/abaqus_v6.env into either your home directory or the model directory.

For more details on the use of this file, please refer to the Abaqus manual.

The following modifications are done to the abaqus_v6.env environment file.

  1. added
    since DAMASK relies on unique element numbers in the input file
  2. Intel Fortran compiler found in $PATH is used
  3. added compiler switches
    -c prevent linking, only generate object files
    -fPIC generate position-independent code
    -auto put local variables on the stack
    -I%I include path
    -free use free-format Fortran 90 syntax
    -O2 optimization level
    -fpp use Fortran preprocessor on source code
    -openmp build with OpenMP support
    -ftz flush underflow to zero
    -implicitnone assume no implicit types (e.g., i, j, k, l for integer)
  4. dropped compiler switches
    -w90 -w95 suppress messages about use of non-standard Fortran
    -WB turn a compile-time bounds check into a warning
    -mP2OPT_hpo_vec_divbyzero=F unofficial compiler switch, proposed by Simulia but highly dubious


Compilation into a library

You can compile DAMASK into a library to be used with abaqus, it saves you from compiling the subroutine for each job. In this case you do not have to specify a usersubroutine file, however if you still do, the compiled version will override that in the library.

  1. create a library directory, e.g. abqlib, in your prefered location
  2. build the library replacing your_prefered_location/abqlib with the correct path to the directory created in step 1.
    abaqus make library=DAMASK_abaqus.f -dir your_prefered_location/abqlib
  3. in the Abaqus environment file abaqus_v6.env uncomment the line
    after replacing your_prefered_location/abqlib with the correct path to the directory created in step 1.

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