1.2. Hierarchical Data Format (HDF5)


Storage of restart data (spectral solver) and future storage of results data.



There are three ways how to install HDF5.

Distribution package

HDF5 is generally available as a package on Unix-based operating systems.

Automated installation by PETSc

PETSc offers the possibility to download, configure, and install HDF5. See the PETSc manual for further instructions.

Compile from source

If there is a need to compile HDF5 on your own machine, download the sources from www.hdfgroup.org/downloads/ and follow the instructions on www.hdfgroup.org/HDF5/doc

For the spectral solver, use the MPI compilers (mpicc instead of icc/gcc etc.)

A possible configure command looks like

> ./configure --enable-fortran --enable-fortran2003 --enable-codestack --disable-deprecated-symbols
> make
> make install

Intel Fortran Issues

Note: https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/performance-tools-for-software-developers-building-hdf5-with-intel-compilers

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