4.1. MSC.Marc/Mentat


This manual is for the Linux64 version of MSC.Marc/Mentat 2014 and newer. See Marc and Mentat Release Guide for the »List of Build and Supported Platforms«. For running a simulation after the installation, please refer to the MSC.Marc/Mentat usage page



  • operational MSC.Marc/Mentat
    (confirmed with test example including subroutine compilation with Intel Fortran compiler)
  • Intel Fortran compiler compatible with your MSC.Marc/Mentat version
  • DAMASK/CONFIG reflecting your system settings (i.e. your MSC.Marc version)
  • system variables set (done by calling >source DAMASK/DAMASK_env.(sh/csh))



If your MSC.Marc/Mentat installation is located in the default directory (/msc) root access is needed.

>make marc

This makes the following modifications (original versions of MSC.Marc/Mentat scripts are included in DAMASK for reference):

  • Mentat
    1. The script MSCpathinfo/mentat201x/bin/edit_window is altered to use a text editor according to your interactive input (default vi).
    2. The file MSCpathinfo/mentat201x/menus/job_run.ms is modified and compiled into MSCpathinfo/mentat201x/menus/linux64/main.msb to
      • add *.f90 to the filter of the subroutine file dialog
      • add a DAMASK menu to Jobs > Run from where you can start DAMASK using
        • different optimization levels (0, 1, 2)
    3. In MSCpathinfo/mentat201x/bin/ submit4 to submit6 scripts are added, which call the respective MSCpathinfo/marc201x/tools/run_damask* scripts
    4. In MSCpathinfo/mentat201x/bin/ kill4 to kill6 scripts are added, which kill the respective jobs

  • Marc
    1. All MSCpathinfo/marc201x/tools/run_damask* scripts can treat *.f90 source files (compatible with free-format DAMASK) and link against the BLAS library (as specified in pathinfo)
    2. Naming convention for run_damask* and compile_damask*:
      • l is for O0 optimization; h for O2 optimization; otherwise O1 optimization is used
    3. Fortran compiler calls, modified according to the needs of DAMASK, are added in MSCpathinfo/marc201x/tools/include_linux64

  • System
    1. As for the regular Marc installation you can optionally add symbolic links to the run_damask* scripts in usr/local/bin

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