"Matter" is a modern look & feel theme for NatSkin with a strong focus on simplicity yet still flexibility. With a few clicks pages can be customized to give them a unique touch and thus make content more memorizable. The theme is inspired by google's material and flat design but does not strictly follow the trend in full detail.

The theme is the default theme setting if not specified otherwise, or can be set using

   * Set NATSKIN_STYLE = matter


   * Set NATSKIN_VARIATION = topmenu

There is one variation called topmenu that can be enabled optionally to the matter theme. This will move the menu at the top to the far right making room for larger logos. Note that this will disable the "greeter" section that normally holds the authentication/registration links or a logged in user's avatar and link to the account page.


This theme comes with a set of own preference settings that can be either set on a per topic base using on the "Settings" tab of the editor, or may be set in the WebPreferences, SitePreferences and a user's private settings. In addition to the usual preferences of NatSkin below settings mainly are used to customize a banner at the top of a topic.

Preference Description Default
NATSKIN_BANNERMODE select the kind of banner to be displayed; possible values:
  • off: no banner
  • flat: a flat color
  • gradient: a radial or linear gradient background
  • image: an image background that may be animated optionally
  • video: a video background; an mp4 file is recommended
  • pattern: an abstract pattern automatically computed based on the banner title
NATSKIN_BANNERIMAGE url to image to be displayed; used in image mode /pub/System/MatterTheme/images/bubbles.png
NATSKIN_BANNERVIDEO url to vide to be displayed; used in video mode /pub/System/MatterTheme/videos/clouds.mp4
NATSKIN_BANNERVIDEOLOOP boolean flag to specify whether the banner video should be looped or halted after being played once on
NATSKIN_BANNERFOREGROUND possible values: light, dark; specify the contrast of the font on the banner; use light when the banner background is dark, or dark otherwise light
NATSKIN_BANNERCOLOR this color is used in modes flat, image, gradient and pattern to specify the background color of the banner %WEBBGCOLOR%
NATSKIN_BANNERCOLOR2 second color used in gradient mode transparent
NATSKIN_BANNERGRADIENT specifies whether the gradient should be radial or linear radial
NATSKIN_BANNERTITLE title text to be displayed on the banner TopicTitle of the current topic
NATSKIN_BANNERSUBTITLE subtitle to be displayed on the banner Summary formfield of the current topic
NATSKIN_ENABLEBANNERTITLE boolean switch that allows to show/hide the title on the banner on
NATSKIN_BANNERANIMATION boolean switch used in image mode to enable a kenburns-like animation of the background image off
NATSKIN_BANNERPOSITION vertical position in percent of the background image; only used in image mode; note that this parameter can be specified interactively by dragging the background image and the clicking on the "save" icon 50
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