public package Foswiki::Attrs

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public package Foswiki::Attrs

Class of attribute sets, designed for parsing and storing attribute values from a macro e.g. %MACRO{"joe" fred="bad" joe="mad"}%

An attribute set is a hash containing an entry for each parameter. The default parameter (unnamed quoted string) is named _DEFAULT in the hash.

Attributes declared later in the string will override those of the same name defined earlier. The one exception to this is the _DEFAULT key, where the first instance is always taken.

As well as the default Foswiki syntax (parameter values double-quoted) this class also parses single-quoted values, unquoted spaceless values, spaces around the =, and commas as well as spaces separating values. The extended syntax has to be enabled by passing the $friendly parameter to new.

Since date indicates where functions or parameters have been added since the baseline of the API (TWiki release 4.2.3). The date indicates the earliest date of a Foswiki release that will support that function or parameter.

Deprecated date indicates where a function or parameters has been deprecated. Deprecated functions will still work, though they should not be called in new plugins and should be replaced in older plugins as soon as possible. Deprecated parameters are simply ignored in Foswiki releases after date.

Until date indicates where a function or parameter has been removed. The date indicates the latest date at which Foswiki releases still supported the function or parameter.

ClassMethod new ($string) → \%attrsObjectRef

  • $string - String containing attribute specification

Parse a standard attribute string containing name=value pairs and create a new attributes object. The value may be a word or a quoted string. If there is an error during parsing, the parse will complete but $attrs->{_ERROR} will be set in the new object. $attrs->{_RAW} will always contain the full unprocessed $string.

ObjectMethod isEmpty() → boolean

Return false if attribute set is not empty.

ObjectMethod remove($key) → $value

  • $key - Attribute to remove
Remove an attr value from the map, return old value. After a call to remove the attribute is no longer defined.

ObjectMethod stringify() → $string

Generate a printed form for the map, using strict attribute syntax, with only the single-quote extension syntax observed (no {} brackets, though).

ObjectMethod TO_JSON() → \%map

Support for the JSON cpan module

StaticMethod findFirstOccurenceAttrs($macro, $text) → $args

Extract the first occurence of a macro from the text, taking into account balancing %{}%'s. For example, given $macro=X and $text="XDONEY" it will return "ALERT!". Given $text="ALERT!" it will return ''. Given "YYY" it will return undef, because neither "ALERT!" nor "ALERT!" occur.

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