META -- displays meta-data

Provided mainly for use in templates, this macro generates the parts of the topic view that relate to meta-data (attachments, forms etc.).


The unnamed parameter controls what meta-data is displayed, other parameters control how it is displayed.


Generates the table showing the form fields.


Generates a table of attachments
Parameter Description Default
all to show hidden attachments off
title to show a title - only if attachments are displayed  
template to use a custom template for the rendering of attachments attachtables


If a topic was moved or renamed, generates a message with details and a revert link
Parameter Description Default
prefix Prefix that goes before the moved message, but only if the message is generated  
suffix Prefix that goes after the moved message, but only if the message is generated  


Display details of ancestor topics
Parameter Description Default
dontrecurse Recursing up the tree incurs some cost. Equivalent to depth=1 off
depth Return only the specified ancestor  
nowebhome Suppress WebHome  
format Format string used to display each parent topic where $web expands to the web name, and $topic expands to the topic name [[$web.$topic][$topic]]
separator Separator between parents >
prefix Prefix that goes before parents, but only if there are parents  
suffix Suffix, only appears if there are parents  


Display the value of a single form field
Parameter Description Default
name name of the field  
newline how to represent newlines in the value $n
bar How to represent vertical bars in the data. Vertical bars are rewritten to an HTML entity by default so as to not be mistaken for a table separator. This option allows you to change what is produced. &vbar;
display If on retrieves the displayed value of a *+values formfield type, as against the default, stored, value off
topic Select which topic to get the meta-data from  

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