• create a link to a web
  • Syntax: %WEBLINK{web="..." name="..."}%
  • Supported parameters:
    Parameter: Description: Default:
    "web" name of the web to link to BASEWEB
    name="..." name to display instead of the web name BASEWEB (its tail in case it is a subweb)
    format="..." format string for the web link <a class="webLink $marker" href="$url" title="%ENCODE{"$tooltip" type="html"}%">$title</a>
    marker="..." string to be inserted into the format string if the web link points to the current web current
    class="..." css class used within the web link webLink

The following variables can be used in the format string:
  • $web: full qualified name of the web to link to
  • $topic: name of the topic to link to, defaults to WebHome
  • $title: title of the WebHome topic; this is either the topic name or its title
  • $name: name of the web, that is the tail of the web specification with all parent webs stripped off
  • $url: url for the link
  • $marker: the marker set to the "marker" string if the link points to the current web
  • $tooltip: tooltip for the link, mostly used in a title argument of an anchor
  • $summary: web summary as defined in the WEBSUMMARY preference variable
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