2. Future Work


This topic is meant to collect feature requests.


New features

  • 3Dvisualize (or successor) handle output when Ngrain not equals to 1
  • Spectral solver: Layer for breaking boundary conditions in all directions
    1. get rid of 3 dim data but rather use linear structure (more a general idea, not needed anyway)
    2. Logical array out of geom? material.config? to know which points to ignore
    3. Constitutive_none. Nothing, just F as an output No stress, no dPdF, memory efficient as possible
  • make Abaqus restart aware, done for standard, expl. not testet
  • do the fourier transform and convolution on a 8time higher resolved grid Notes-higherResolvedFourierSpace.pdf


Open questions

  • Spectral solver: Check velocity gradient calculation for missing correction (compare to J2 test)
  • Version numbering: read this german text or check out semver.org *
DAMASK G MM.mm.ff.pppp
^^^^^^--------------------------- Name
       ^------------------------- Generation
         ^^---------------------- Major
            ^^------------------- Minor
               ^^---------------- Bugfix
                  ^^^^----------- Patch
  • random is random makes bug hunting difficult. Rather used a fixed seed per default?


Missing tests

  • MSC.Marc: Element library
  • MSC.Marc: Restart
  • Phenopoerlaw: Single slip analytic results
  • addCauchy
  • Spectral: Cutback
  • Fiber / gauss (mtex)
  • F prescribed: Test it for spectral solver


Performance improvements

  • write data to HDF5 format
  • mesh_FEasCP: string comparison and general use. maybe use ORDERPACK.


Pre and Post processing scripts

  • Migrate from optparse to newer argparse (requires Python > 2.7)


Full Fortran 2008 support

  • use %im and %re for accessing complex numbers
  • use mold allocation (i.e. getting shape of arrays)
  • use the newunit option


PDF output

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  • News
14 Sep 2020
CMCn2020 & DAMASK user meeting to be hosted at Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (cancelled)
22 Aug 2020
Release of first preview version of DAMASK 3
19 Feb 2020
DAMASK made it to the Advanved Engineering Materials Hall of Fame
26 Mar 2019
DREAM.3D 6.5.119
(released 2019/03/22) comes with a DAMASK export filter
25 Mar 2019
Release of version v2.0.3
21 Jan 2019
DAMASK overview paper finally published with full citation information available
01 Dec 2018
DAMASK overview paper now online
17 Sep 2018
CMCn2018 & DAMASK user meeting to be hosted at Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung
22 May 2018
Release of version v2.0.2
01 Sep 2016
CMCn2016 & DAMASK user meeting to be hosted at Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung
25 Jul 2016
Release of version v2.0.1
08 Mar 2016
Release of version v2.0.0
22 Feb 2016
New webserver up and running
09 Feb 2016
Migrated code repository from Subversion to GitLab
17 Dec 2014
Release of revision 3813
14 May 2014
Release of revision 3108
02 Apr 2014
Release of revision 3062
16 Oct 2013
Release of revision 2689
15 Jul 2013
Release of revision 2555
15 Feb 2013
Release of revision 2174
13 Feb 2013
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