Calculate a message digest, i.e. MD5 or BASE64


You type You should get You get
%DIGEST{"Hello World"}% b10a8db164e0754105b7a99be72e3fe5 b10a8db164e0754105b7a99be72e3fe5
%DIGEST{"%DIGEST{"Hello World"}%"}% 3935a6184c654e7a05a4e42c1fb17def 3935a6184c654e7a05a4e42c1fb17def
%DIGEST{"Hello World" output="b64"}% sQqNsWTgdUEFt6mb5y4/5Q sQqNsWTgdUEFt6mb5y4/5Q
%DIGEST{"Hello World" type="SHA-1"}% e5aef6287d9590ef579b5b1a6c1670a0 e5aef6287d9590ef579b5b1a6c1670a0
%DIGEST{"Hello World" type="SHA-1" output="b64"}% 5a72KH2VkO9Xm1sabBZwoA 5a72KH2VkO9Xm1sabBZwoA
%DIGEST{"Hello World" type="SHA-256"}% 24d5ab7a16112f102f2d73bf88ea3d1e 24d5ab7a16112f102f2d73bf88ea3d1e
%DIGEST{"Hello World" type="SHA-256" output="b64"}% JNWrehYRLxAvLXO/iOo9Hg JNWrehYRLxAvLXO/iOo9Hg
%DIGEST{"Hello World" type="CRC"}% bf104755f4580c936f54928f266855af bf104755f4580c936f54928f266855af
%DIGEST{"Hello World" type="CRC" output="b64"}% vxBHVfRYDJNvVJKPJmhVrw vxBHVfRYDJNvVJKPJmhVrw
%DIGEST{"$percntWIKINAME$percnt"}% 28d0308c9da49d92dbdb7880d2c5ad00 322b8bda5f6559697dddf09d9a65ba2e
%BASE64{"Hello World"}% SGVsbG8gV29ybGQ= SGVsbG8gV29ybGQ=

Installation Instructions

You do not need to install anything in the browser to use this extension. The following instructions are for the administrator who installs the extension on the server.

Open configure, and open the "Extensions" section. Use "Find More Extensions" to get a list of available extensions. Select "Install".

If you have any problems, or if the extension isn't available in configure, then you can still install manually from the command-line. See http://foswiki.org/Support/ManuallyInstallingExtensions for more help.



Change History

08 Mar 2016 added BASE64 macro
23 Apr 2014 fixed use of digest of different type on the same page
17 Nov 2009 initial public release
23 Apr 2008 converted to foswiki plugin
24 Oct 2008 initial version

PackageForm edit

Author Michael Daum
Version 2.00
Release 08 Mar 2016
Description Calculate a message digest, i.e. MD5 or BASE64
Repository https://github.com/foswiki/DigestPlugin
Copyright 2008-2016, Michael Daum http://michaeldaumconsulting.com
License GPL (Gnu General Public License)
Home Foswiki:Extensions/DigestPlugin
Support Foswiki:Extensions/DigestPlugin
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